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Helping People Create Better Habits & Healthier Happier Lives

What if you could take back control of your health
Be more balanced, energised and fulfilled
Without feeling guilty for finally putting your wellbeing first?

Many of us go through our day in survival mode. From the moment we wake up we feel ‘on’

Checking emails in bed. Powering through back-to-back meetings. Multitasking. Grabbing a beige lunch (on a good day). No time for exercise. And while WFH was supposed to alleviate the pressure – for some it’s just blurred the work-life boundaries even more.

After juggling life, family and work, by the end of the week we’re stressed out, exhausted and completely drained.

The Wellness Coach

Hi, I’m Camilla.

I believe that most people are overwhelmed with wellbeing, most of us know what we should be doing but something is stopping us from doing it.

We’re surrounded by confusing information and impractical advice. Told to live a ‘healthy’ lifestyle that’s unsustainable and sometimes unattainable. So the minute we slip back into old bad habits we give up and resign ourselves to the fact that things will never change.  

The good news is, I’m here to help you identify your limiting beliefs so you can make the sustained changes …

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Coaching Programs

Tailored Behaviour Change Coaching Programs to restore Balance to your Health and Wellbeing

Feel Better in Your Body

 (3 months)

Nourish to Flourish

 (3 months)

I am SuperWoman

 (3 months)

Surviving to Thriving

 (3 months)

My Wellbeing Coaching Programs are perfect for you if….

You ignore the important things that aren’t right

Instead focusing on the urgent just to get through the week, the quarter, the year

You’re not clear on your WHY

Without time to take a breath and get clear on what makes you feel good and how to bring more of it into each day

You’ve tried to make a change before

But struggle to be consistent with new habits, and a few weeks in you fall back into old patterns and give up

You feel overwhelmed by wellbeing

You’ve often put your lack of energy down to age or metabolism and end up feeling defeated

But what if ticking off a never-ending to-do list wasn't the measure of success?

What if resilience wasn’t the only trait we need to thrive?

What if balance didn’t mean giving up everything you’ve worked so hard for? What if you could prioritise your own wellbeing, without feeling guilty?

It’s time to take back control of your health (and your calendar). As a behaviour change wellbeing coach with over 10 years experience, I’m here to support you to restore a sense of balance.

client praise


Camilla has an incredible wealth of knowledge which she shares to inspire and encourage me

I reached out to Camilla at a time in my life when I was looking for accountability support to guide change to my own health and well-being. Working in a busy corporate job juggling multiple demands and regular travel, I could sense my overall health was heading in the wrong direction. Camilla has an incredible wealth of knowledge which she shares to inspire and encourage me, whilst providing support to build positive health habits. My sleep quality has improved significantly as well as techniques to manage stress and feel more joy in my day. Camilla provides a safe, trusted, non-judgement space for authentic discussion and exportation of the “why” behind my thinking. I’m so incredibly very grateful for her expertise.

Sharon Richens, Senior Leader, Altius Group (Nourish Program)

Camilla is an inspirational coach and has a rare ability to immediately connect to an individual’s needs.

Her ability to help unlock self-created barriers to personal and professional performance is remarkable. She helps in many ways with advice, not preaching, empowering, not advising and is an all-round wonderful human being and a true expert in her field.

Kirstie Hepburn, EGM

I have been able to better so many different aspects of my life

With Camilla’s guidance, I have been able to better so many different aspects of my life – my physical and mental wellbeing, my relationships, my career, and my happiness. She gave me the tools and self-belief to stop being overwhelmed, to focus on my end goals, and make achievable milestones for a more balanced, happier life. Thank you!!

Victoria Hunt, Macquarie Bank (Nourish Program)

Making no choice is a choice in itself.

For many years I had effectively being making a choice to continue to ignore the really important things that weren’t right and to focus on the urgent and just get through the week, the quarter the year.

Kieren Hutchings, Sales Director

Sometimes we can make the simple complex and in doing so lose sight of our true priorities when it comes to living a “well” life

We build this belief that restoring a sense of balance will just take too much effort and time and so it becomes something for later. This has certainly been the case with me.

Lida Lazarri, Services Delivery Manager

Camilla gives you the guidance you need

I’ve recently started working with Camilla on a wellness program. It’s been a great decision! Camilla gives you the guidance you need along with the accountability and support to follow through to make the changes you need to make in your life. She has a wealth of knowledge. Camilla is also a fabulous speaker. I first saw her as a speaker at Elysia Wellness Retreat.

MaryAnne Atalla, Solicitor (Nourish Program)

I have had the privilege of working with Camilla since pre covid on my overall wellbeing.

Having a corporate role and experiencing significant personal challenges can become overwhelming. Having Camilla as my wellness coach over this time has been critical for me to rebalance, prioritise my health and wellness while keeping my professional life on track and then thriving.

Rob McCartney, MD Woolworths 360

Camilla is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive

And most importantly realistic about wellbeing and the tools she recommends. I can personally say that my own wellbeing is all the better for having met and worked with Camilla.

Jen Bass

The single most important thing that Camilla has taught me is the concept of balance.

I don’t believe that I have ever been on a diet in my life nor ever will. I am certainly not overweight but my body has ways of telling me that it is time to tip the scales the other way and now that Camilla has helped me to see these signs .

Keith Payne, Vice President