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feel better in your body coaching program

A science-backed wellbeing behaviour change coaching program using simple and practical techniques to help you feel better in your body. Including easy-to-implement action-steps to ensure you make big beautiful changes for a healthier happier life without the wellbeing overwhelm.

Feel Better in Your Body: A Coaching Program for Women

How do you feel in your body right now?

If you’re like a lot of women, you’re holding on to some limiting beliefs, preventing you from prioritising self-care and loving the skin you’re in.

Newsflash (not a hot flash): your beliefs drive your behaviour. Together we can change your beliefs and behaviours, so you can start feeling better in your body.

With Camilla’s guidance I have been able to better so many different aspects of my life – my physical and mental wellbeing, my relationships, my career, my happiness.

She gave me the tools and self-belief to stop being overwhelmed, to focus on my end goals and make achievable milestones to a more balanced, happier life” Victoria Hunt, Macquarie Bank. 


The Feel Better In Your Body coaching program is designed to help women, overcome negative body image and understand your body better.

So you can establish healthy habits and experience powerful mindset shifts for a happier, more body-confident you.

During this 1:1 Coaching Program, you’ll feel…

The 4 Phases to Feeling Better in your Body

Our coaching sessions will explore the mindset and behavior patterns that may be stopping you from making sustainable changes

Our coaching sessions will explore your body image, self-care practices, body positivity affirmations, and self-acceptance principles

In the final phase we’ll review your progress so far and discuss strategies for maintaining healthy habits and mindset shifts so you can continue to feel better in your body

“I reached out to Camilla at a time in my life when I was looking for accountability support to guide change to my own health and wellbeing.

Working in a busy corporate job juggling multiple demands and regular travel, I could sense my overall health was heading in the wrong direction.

Camilla has an incredible wealth of knowledge which she shares to inspire and encourage me, whilst providing support to build positive health habits.

My sleep quality has improved significantly as well as techniques to manage stress and feel more joy in my day.

Camilla provides a safe, trusted, non-judgement space for authentic discussion and exportation of the “why” behind my thinking. I’m so incredibly very grateful for her expertise”.

Sharon Richens, Senior Leader, Altis Group

Frequently asked questions

Next step is to book a 15-minute complimentary discovery call with Camilla, this is an opportunity to connect with her so you can share where you’re currently at on your wellbeing journey, discuss some potential goals, hopes and aspirations for your future. 

  • Each personalised coaching session is 60 minutes over Google Meet and you’ll get 1 per month, as well as a monthly 15-minute check-in and weekly text accountability check-ins
  • One of the first things we’ll do together is create a personalised Feel Better In Your Body action plan, so you’ll always have it to refer to.
  • You’ll also get weekly accountability via text so you can ask any questions that come up.
  • Join a private Facebook group of women supporting each other to feel better in their bodies.
  • This isn’t just a nutrition and exercise plan. We’ll work through any core limiting beliefs that mean your healthy habits haven’t stuck in the past.
  • You’ll walk away feeling empowered about what’s going on inside your body, with knowledge on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, mental loads, and body image principles.
  • As well as your stress response pathway and how this impacts your body, hormones, weight, mood, and energy.
  • As well as guided self-reflection exercises you can continue to use to promote mindset and behaviour change and your personalised Feel Better In Your Body action plan you’ll get ongoing follow-ups to ensure long-term success and sustainability.
  • Access to a private Facebook group of women supporting each other, so you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone.

Are you ready to overcome negative body image and understand your body better so you can make powerful behaviour and mindset shifts?