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Hi,I’m Camilla.

I believe that most people are overwhelmed with wellbeing, most of us know what we should be doing but something is stopping us from doing it.

We’re surrounded by confusing information and impractical advice. Told to live a ‘healthy’ lifestyle that’s unsustainable and sometimes unattainable. So the minute we slip back into old bad habits we give up and resign ourselves to the fact that things will never change.  

The good news is, I’m here to help you identify your limiting beliefs so you can make the sustained changes you want to create better habits and live a healthier happier life. You’re not being selfish wanting to prioritise yourself, self care is your superpower.

Wellbeing Your Way

After juggling a career in media agencies while raising a young family, I found myself experiencing significant burnout.

This became my inspiration to becoming a wellbeing coach and the fire to pursue 10+ years of behaviour change coaching. It was also the driving force behind me co-founding Select Wellness 8 years ago to help support corporates to work more sustainably and prevent burnout.

I have been priviledged to work with clients like Atlassian, Canva, Microsoft, Optus, Westpac, Woolworths, Hermes, Unilever and more during my time at Select. 

My integrated style of coaching means I combine science-backed tools and techniques across Behaviour Change, Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics, Coaching and Nutrition to give you practical and easy to implement strategies and habits.

Balance and moderation is the key to everything I coach. There will never be lectures on what’s right and wrong, or bad or good. No judgement and no BS!

Just helpful advice on how to pick yourself up when you slip up, and how to maintain a healthy, balanced approach to your wellbeing.

Clients I've worked With

My mission is to help you feel better than you do right now.

To find balance and happiness through nourishing your body, mind, heart and soul and finding your path to wellbeing your way.

Health and Wellbeing Coaching

My wellbeing behaviour change coaching programs can be done in private sessions virtually, in person or on the phone.

I offer one on one 30 min wellbeing coaching check in sessions, more info on flyer below. 

I have my foundation program ‘Nourish to Flourish’ which works through the fundamental nourish pillars over 4 months. My ‘Surviving to Thriving’ program for setting healthy boundaries and priorities every day, runs for 3 months.

My recently launched ‘Feel Better in your Body’ 3 month coaching program for women that encourages women to build healthy habits and experience powerful mindset shifts for a happier more confident you.

And my signature program I am Superwoman supports women who are at, or on the verge of, burnout over 3 months of judgement-free, restorative coaching

Executive Wellbeing Coaching

I have been an executive behaviour change wellbeing coach for 7 years with Select Wellness working with some of Australia’s top senior leaders and executives at organisations like Canva, Atlassian, Microsoft, Vista, Woolworths, Unilever, Optus, Officeworks, Westpac and Sydney Metro to name a few.

My wellbeing is all the better for having met and worked with Camilla

“Camilla is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and most importantly realistic about wellbeing and the tools she recommends”

Jen Bass

Skills & Techniques

I offer various different coaching techniques including NLP, Solution Focused and Behaviour change coaching, we can work together to find out the best collaborative approach to suit your needs. 

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