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Wellbeing Coaching Programs to Restore Balance to your Health and Happiness

Science-backed wellbeing coaching using simple and practical techniques. So you have quick action-steps on what to do next, without the wellbeing overwhelm.

I am Super Woman Program - Signature Coaching Program (3-6 months)

I am Superwoman is my signature program for high-functioning, high-achievers, who operate like Superwoman, but need to restore and recharge their powers. 

If stress and running on adrenaline has taken control and your mental/physical health is suffering, I can work with you to incorporate some restorative practices into your routine, helping to achieve balance in your life again.

This program is for you if you feel like…

The program includes:

After the program you’ll feel:

Ready to restore your superpowers?

We build this belief that restoring a sense of balance will just take too much effort and time, it becomes something for later.

“Working with Camilla has helped me unpack what’s most important for me. 

Camilla’s simple, quick coaching practices have been a powerful reinforcement that actually I am in control, wellbeing is part of my life but needs some nurturing”. 

Lida Lazarri, Services Delivery Manager, Microsoft


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