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Inflammation Be Gone

A 12-Week Coaching Journey to Better Health

Learn ways to optimise your health by creating a whole body system that protects you against disease and supports pro-ageing.

Chronic inflammation is now a widely accepted cause of many health problems, ranging from headaches to joint pain, and from bloating to insomnia. It can also have ageing effects on the body, or what is referred to as ‘inflammaging’.

Illnesses resulting from chronic inflammation are so common, that many of us become so used to feeling unwell, we don’t consider their are options to change it.

This program is right for you if...

1 in 3 Australians suffer from chronic inflammatory disease, including myself, but prevention is the key to overcoming the pain and illness that’s holding you back from enjoying a healthy life.

Together we’ll look at the inflammatory behaviours and environmental triggers that may be affecting your health. I’ll share my expertise and lived experience from the last 5 years living an anti-inflammatory life.

Blood tests may suggest there’s ‘nothing wrong’ and healthcare professionals are quick to prescribe pills and medicine to mask the problem.

If you’ve been struggling alone, there is another way.

By the end of this program you’ll feel more in control of your lifestyle choices, understand which foods cause inflammation in your body, manage stress better, have an exercise plan and know how to soothe your nervous system and reverse inflammation.

It’s time to get your energy back and pain gone.

"With Camilla’s guidance I have improved so many different aspects of my life - my physical and mental wellbeing, my relationships, my career, my happiness. Camilla gave me the tools and self-belief to stop being overwhelmed, to focus on my end goals and make achievable milestones to a more balanced, happier life. Thank you!!"
Victoria Hunt
Macquarie Bank

What’s included in the program?

This program focuses on empowering you to take small daily steps that lead to essential lifestyle changes.

You’ll get tailored nutrition, exercise routines, stress management techniques, and holistic wellness support.

12 Week Customised Coaching Program:​

Month 1

Understanding Inflammation and Dietary Reset

(60 minute session)

Stress Management and Mindful Living

Month 2

Regular Exercise and Sleep Optimisation

(60 minute session)

Advanced Nutrition and Gut Health

Month 3

Emotional Wellbeing and Social Support

(60 minute session)

Long-Term Planning and Acknowledgement

Bonus Tips and Techniques

Investment in your Inflammation Be Gone journey

$1,100+gst (payment options available)

I reached out to Camilla at a time in my life when I was looking for accountability support to guide change to my own health and well-being. Working in a busy corporate job juggling multiple demands and regular travel, I could sense my overall health was heading in the wrong direction. Camilla has an incredible wealth of knowledge which she shares to inspire and encourage me, whilst providing support to build positive health habits. My sleep quality has improved significantly as well as techniques to manage stress and feel more joy in my day. Camilla provides a safe, trusted, non judgement space for authentic discussion and exportation of the “why” behind my thinking. I am so incredibly very grateful.
Sharon Richens
Senior Leader, Altis Group

You may be wondering….

I personally have chronic inflammation and have been managing it for 5 years, so I understand the challenges that come with living an anti-inflammatory life in the modern world.

In addition, I have been a health coach for 12 years and am currently studying to be a nutritionist. I have a team of naturopaths and nutritionists that I work with.

Over the years, the majority of my coaching work has been helping my clients reduce inflammation in the body, eliminating foods, getting better sleep, moving more and supplements to help reduce inflammation.

  • Only you can decide when your health issues are affecting your life and happiness so much that you want to take action. Some of my clients get so used to their stomach pain, lack of mobility in their joints, energy levels and sleep issues that they start to think it’s normal.

    You don’t have to live this way, if you’re ready to invest in yourself by committing to making essential lifestyle changes, you can live a balanced, healthy life and support pro-gaming in your body for many years to come.

  • Yes! This program is about preventative and proactive long term care for your body. You’ll learn essential strategies to support ageing and optimal health.

In just 12 weeks you could be living a very different life. One that is filled with energy and free from pain. If you’re ready to say ‘Inflammation Be Gone’, let me support your health journey.