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10 Reason’s To Start Drinking Warm Water and Lemon Today!

10 Reasons To Start Drinking Warm Water and Lemon

I drink Warm water and lemon every morning, as soon as I get up, it is part of my morning ritual and one I very rarely miss. I squeeze a whole lemon into a hand juicer, pour warm water over it and then remove press and pour juice and water into a cup (you get all the benefit of the lemon).

There are so many benefits as to why we should drink it everyday and this is why:

  1. High in Natural Vit C – helps support your immune system
  2. Hydration – helps the body hydrate more effectively than water
  3. Balances your PH levels- believe it or not Lemons are actually alkaline when they enter the body
  4. Aids Digestion-  warm water helps stimulate the body and start pushing toxins through
  5. Makes you Pee- the lemon flushes out toxins through your urinary tract
  6. Repairs Skin- known to help with ageing with lemons anti-oxidant properties
  7. Detoxifies Liver- lemon acts as a liver cleanser
  8. Promotes Healing- Vitamin C helps to heal wounds and maintains healthy bones/tissue
  9. Reduces Appetite- the Pectin in Lemon is a soluble fibre and helps you to feel fuller for longer
  10. Kills bacteria in mouth- lemon juice acts as an antiseptic in your mouth, gives you fresh breath and gets rid of bad bacteria.

It just makes sense to start your day with Warm Lemon Water.. If you don’t like the taste, add a little bit of Manuka Honey, you will grow to love the taste, when you start seeing all the health benefits it is giving you.

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