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A Note To Working Mums: Please Be Kind To Yourself→

I used to feel guilty about putting myself first but not anymore. As a mum and especially as a working mum, we have to balance our own needs with everyone else around us. If we’re not ok, then things around us can quickly fall apart.

As working mums we can over commit, over schedule and often do too much. The reasoning behind this is often to make up for the fact that we feel guilty that we are not there enough for our kids and we feel guilty for not working longer hours in the office, so we over compensate and over function. It’s a battle we fight day in day out. The lesson is, we need to learn to say NO more. We don’t have to do everything and be everything to everyone.

Our health and well-being must be a priority, self care and preservation is paramount for our mental and physical health. We need to create boundaries and balance in our lives at home and at work. Be mindful when it is time to re-fuel, re-energise, re-charge, restore, relax and do it guilt free.

Working mums are on the go from the moment we wake up, breakfast, packed lunch, get kids ready for school, school run, go to work, work work work, pick up from school, make dinner, clean house, help with homework, put kids to bed and then we sit down and hopefully relax before we go to bed and then do it all again.

We are running on adrenalin most of the day and this is why restorative practice is so important for us, allowing ourselves time to breathe and reconnect, telling the body it’s ok, we’re not in danger, a reminder that this is just a day in the life of a working supermum.

To balance the craziness, we must slow down when we can, treat ourselves to a massage once a month or a pedicure, acupuncture, a facial, schedule time in your family calendar for yourself to go to yoga, go to the gym, go for a walk with a friend, girls nights out, date night, do more of what makes YOU happy. Happy Mum, Happy Home, Happy Life.

If you simplify your life and prioritise what’s important it will become less over whelming. Meditation can be an amazing way of taking time out, allowing yourself some downtime, focusing on your breath and practicing self care. It can help us with clarity and decision making, when we are strung out, tired and wired, we don’t make good decisions.

We must be kinder to ourselves, practice self-compassion and gratitude. We must put ourselves first before anyone else, so we can be the best version we can be. We deserve to thrive and flourish not just function for those around us.

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