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This the word that defines my approach to wellness coaching, life is all about Balance. The art of balance is like riding a wave and finding the sweet spot where you are steady and not tipping over too much on either side.


Im not going to preach wellness, my target audience are people, like me, who still indulge ever so often but are interested in looking after themselves and learning ways to do this through food and exercise, at home and work.

I will not be encouraging people to start depriving themselves of things they enjoy and love. What we will learn to do, is to balance and moderate our lives with the inclusion of some of the naughty stuff but heavily outweighed by lots of good stuff!


I recently just got married and the celebrations have only just stopped, i am feeling pretty toxic through the consumption of too much alcohol and food! I was feeling very healthy and light before the wedding but the indulgence started very soon after, although it has been enjoyable, i am ready to get back on the path of wellness.

It’s good to let go sometimes and not be so consumed about what you are eating but it’s important to still be conscious of what you are eating, where it has come from and how it has been prepared. I did not binge on junk food, for me this would be poisoning my body, depleting my energy and would make me sick. I ate foods i would normally avoid like bread, cheese, meat and pasta all washed down with lots of wine. I dined on beautiful food from stunning restaurants but i did take it to far and I’m feeling it now, bloated and my skin is dull and i look and feel tired.


This does bring me back to the old word BALANCE, i definitely tipped a little over the side but I’m firmly on my way back to riding the wave and maintaining the healthy lifestyle i have become accustomed to enjoying. I will definitely enjoy a few glasses of wine here and there and maybe some brie and french bread in the not too distance future but for now, its green juices, smoothies and lots of beautiful salads and veggies.

I love waking up feeling fresh, light and clear, to enable me to be the best person i can be for myself, my children and now my Husband!

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