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I don’t believe that I have ever been on a diet in my life nor ever will. I am certainly not overweight but my body has ways of telling me that it is time to tip the scales the other way and now that Camilla has helped me to see these signs I tend to act upon them better.

I love Guinness, heavy food and Red Wine. I always will, but these things taste so much better having spent a week or maybe two avoiding them. I don’t miss a glass of red in the evening, I will have a cup of tea with dark chocolate instead of alcohol.

I have never been the most adventurous with my diet but Camilla has shown me how to cook healthy, colourful, incredibly tasty food, buying food locally from farmers’ markets and butchers. When I cook, I always have no shortage of friends wanting to join my table as the recipes are so simple it is difficult to mess them up!

Camilla has also shown me how to keep my energy levels up by giving myself permission to recharge, recover and rest. Taking daily micro-breaks and downtime when I can so I can create space to think more strategically and not be reactive. I work in a high pressured role leading a large team of people in APAC, so it’s critical that I am firing on all cylinders for myself and the team.