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We build this belief that restoring a sense of balance will just take too much effort and time and so it becomes something for later. This has certainly been the case with me. In working with Camilla she has helped me unpack what’s most important for me.

Providing me with very simple, quick techniques, practices and practical resources, that I have used to work toward restoring and bringing focus and control back into how I manage and think about wellbeing – making moments, creating habits and rituals, and when I have the time or want to take the time I can, spending it reading and learning more about healthy living. Something as simple as diarising or writing down what I do on a weekly/monthly basis to take care of myself was a powerful reinforcement that actually I am in control, wellbeing is part of my life but needs some nurturing. How I priortise it, take care of it now and into the future is different thanks to her enlightening program.