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How it all Began…


This is my first Wellness Blog, a little introduction to where my mission for wellness has come from and how it all began.

I have spent the last few years avidly following other peoples blogs, learning more and more about health and wellness. I have studied life coaching for over 2 years now, specialising in health, wellness and workplace coaching, expanding my mind and knowledge in this area, preparing and getting ready for this moment.


As a child i grew up in the countryside of England, my Mum was very health conscious and eco friendly, even back in the day when awareness was not as prevalent as it is now.

The town we lived near was very alternative, it had a hippy vibe, there were travellers living off the land, lots of boy and girls with dreadlocks, colourful clothes and diversity.

We were fortunate to be surrounded by farms and lots of land, with people who were conscious of growing food without chemicals, sustainability and cared about what they were putting in their bodies. Funnily enough, the irony here was that there was a lot of dope smoking and drug taking going on but they all ate healthy food!


My sister and i were always encouraged to try different foods and our plates always had a majority of veggies on them, mostly always organic. My mum always cooked fresh food for us every night and this is something i endeavour to do for my children on a daily basis, there is something very rewarding in feeding your children healthy food and watching them enjoy eating it.

A lot of the veggies we ate were pulled up from the earth and eaten that day, at the time i never paid much attention to this and its not until now i realise how privileged we were as kids to be able to eat like this.

My mum was a single mother who did not have lots of money but we were comfortable,we had a good education and ate well but most our clothes had holes in them! These were her priorities, she spent money on buying organic where possible and it was always cheaper to buy direct from farms than supermarkets.


I have memories of opening my lunch box at school to sandwiches that were made out of bread that was as heavy as a brick and dried up! i would look around at my friends with their soft white bread and packets of crisps, looking longingly and wishing i could try theirs. My Sandwiches used to end up in the bin most days, especially if they had gone soggy with the cucumber and tomato! This is one thing i have not subjected my boys too, they have rye bread but its soft and not soggy!


I could go on with more stories about my childhood but this blog would go on forever. The point i want to get across is that i grew up eating healthy food, using toothpaste without Sulphates and no Fluoride, Shampoo and conditioners that were chemical free (and never seemed to work back in the day!), never paid any attention to any of it and its only in the last few years i have realised what valuable lessons in life my mother taught me.

I can now share these with my children as they embark into a world that is becoming more and more aware of its vulnerability, its need for sustainability and educating the next generation on how to eat, live and survive.


My blogs will talk about:

  • How to eat healthy at home and at work.
  • Easy to follow Recipes, nutritional and holistic health information.
  • Real life struggles and how to keep on on track.
  • How to find time to exercise when working full time.
  • Work, Food, Exercise, Kids and how to balance them all.
  • Fun ways to embrace health and wellness into your life.

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