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I am SuperWoman

The I am SuperWoman coaching program is for women who do too much and push themselves to their limit. It’s for women who are over achievers, hard workers, have a need to prove themselves, struggle with feeling good enough, rush from one thing to another and endure high levels of stress on a daily basis.

Are you super stressed? Do you suffer from anxiety and mood swings? You may have health implications from stress; exhaustion, sleep problems, relationship issues, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, hormone disruption, bad PMS, polycystic ovaries and you could be potentially heading for a burnout.

You are in the red zone, in flight/fight response, running on adrenalin in survival mode. If this sounds like you…

You are Superwoman!

But Superwoman can only cope with so much before her superpowers weaken and her health deteriorates. Stress and running on adrenalin has taken control of you and your mental/physical health is suffering.

Do you want to continue to live like this any longer? It may be time to make some simple life changes to your lifestyle to help you take back control and get into the green zone. I can work with you to incorporate some restorative practices into your routine to help achieve some balance in your life again. If you want to jump out of bed in the morning feeling positive, strong, happy and fulfilled then take the first step by taking part in ‘I am SuperWoman’.

Please take part in my free eTest ‘I am SuperWoman’ to assess where your stress levels are at,¬†enter your details below.

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