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Mini Detox for the day after a big night out!→

So, we all do it sometimes… Drink too much, binge on a little too much food, and take it a bit too far some nights and weekends. As much as we intend to have just one glass of wine, sometimes it all goes awry.

I remember the days of being able to go for days on very little sleep, drinking my way through it all, and feeling great.

How times have changed! Nowadays, I feel like a toxic mess after too much booze. Like I’ve poisoned myself. There are a few reasons for this: (1) I’m getting older, (2) I binge and drink too much, and (3) My body has become used to feeling good and healthy and completely punishes me when I abuse it.

As I’ve stopped drinking in the week and often go weekends without drinking, when I do have a few, it really hurts me the next day. I feel so dehydrated and flat, demotivated to do anything, and generally sorry for myself. I believe this is quite a common feeling among most of my friends, too?

If you’re going to drink, here are my tips to minimize the pain: 

  1. Drink lots of water and coconut water that day to hydrate to the max.
  2. Enjoy a gym session or a long walk earlier in the day.
  3. Drink organic. (If I’m going to drink, I stick to organic Vodka or a premium brand with fresh lime and soda.)
  4. Try to drink less.

I’ve also begun to get into a routine just before bed. It really makes a difference and totally sorts you out so your body can rehydrate and balance itself again.

Before you go to bed

Drink water at least one hour before you go to bed and have a coconut water

As soon as you wake up

  • Have a class of hot water and lemon, followed by Vitamin C (1000mg soluble Bio Ceuticals)
  • Enjoy one cup of coconut water
  • Scrambled eggs on gluten-free toast (Buckwheat)
  • Have a banana – Magnesium  (+ take powdered Magnesium Bio Ceuticals in filtered water)
  • Detox Green Tea
  • Drink some chlorophyll
  • Liver detox supplements

Later on in the day

Make sure you have a green juice and have a hearty salad with protein for lunch. Resist the temptation to eat chips, french fries, and carb-heavy foods. They actually make you feel worse, deplete your energy, and cause bloating.

Moving forward

It’s important to pick your battles! If you’re going to have a night on the town, choose nights or events that are worth going to, and say NO sometimes. Give your body a break Monday to Friday and have some weekends that are alcohol-free.

Obviously, it’s better not to put yourself into this state in the first place but most of us are a little bit weak, especially when it comes to alcohol and having a good time, so when it does happen, try and follow the above strategies to help prepare for it.

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