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Veggie Crackers made from Juice Pulp!

Yes it is true.. This is a cracker of a recipe 🙂

I usually compost my pulp left over from juicing but this is a new and utterly amazing way of re-using your pulp and turning into something quite spectacular!

  • Juice Pulp (Carrot, Beetroot, Kale or whatever you have juiced)

  • Good few Pinches of Himalayan Salt and Pepper

  • Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (just a few tbsp)

  • Seeds Pumpkin/Sesame/Chia/Sunflower

  • Mixed Herbs

Mix all the ingredients together in bowl and then flatten it out on a cookie tray, cut lines on them to make them into squares.

Bake in Oven for 30 mins each side on 180 degrees, check frequently. Make sure you flip them over after 30 mins.. Simply Delicious!