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My Top 5 Natural Beauty Products

I love luxe good quality beauty products but I don’t love the over kill of chemicals that are in them. So I have reduced down as much as I can and found some fabulous brands that are mineral, chemical free, natural and simply gorgeous. For your Lips – BITE Beauty lipsticks and lip-glosses are amazing and […]

5 Steps to a better you →

Why you should being aiming for progress, not perfection It is often said: if you strive for perfection you will ultimately set yourself up to fail. After all, who’s really perfect anyway? In your journey of self-improvement, what’s important is progress: small steps, significant changes and moving closer towards achieving your goals. If you focus […]

The Alternative Sugar Debate

This has to be one of the most frustrating and confusing subjects I’ve ever researched! There is so much conflicting advice on what alternative sugar options are good for you and some are even more damaging than sugar itself. Agave nectar is the biggest offender, it sounds healthy, it comes from a plant, so it […]

Fruit When to Eat It and When to Avoid It→

I love fruit and eat it everyday but am now learning there are specific times we should eat in relation to how we digest it. When you eat fruit, it enters the stomach and digestive juices as alkaline and the food begins to spoil and does not digest properly. This is why it’s important to eat […]

Get Me To The Gym.. Help!

This blog is a self-motivating one – the goal is to get myself pumped up to get back in the gym, and start running again, through blogging about it. Lets hope it works:) It is tough getting your ass to the gym sometimes and the more you put it off, the harder it gets. I’m […]

Mini Detox for the day after a big night out!→

So, we all do it sometimes… Drink too much, binge on a little too much food, and take it a bit too far some nights and weekends. As much as we intend to have just one glass of wine, sometimes it all goes awry. I remember the days of being able to go for days […]

10 Reason’s To Start Drinking Warm Water and Lemon Today!

10 Reasons To Start Drinking Warm Water and Lemon I drink Warm water and lemon every morning, as soon as I get up, it is part of my morning ritual and one I very rarely miss. I squeeze a whole lemon into a hand juicer, pour warm water over it and then remove press and […]


BALANCE This the word that defines my approach to wellness coaching, life is all about Balance. The art of balance is like riding a wave and finding the sweet spot where you are steady and not tipping over too much on either side. NO PREACHING OR DEPRIVATION Im not going to preach wellness, my target […]

How To Help Those You Love To Eat Healthier

This can be a really difficult thing to do, there is a fine line between educating your nearest and dearest and driving them mad! They can get sick of you harping on about healthy food and living, especially if they are not in the same headspace as you. It is much easier to help facilitate […]

How it all Began…

HOW IT ALL BEGAN … This is my first Wellness Blog, a little introduction to where my mission for wellness has come from and how it all began. I have spent the last few years avidly following other peoples blogs, learning more and more about health and wellness. I have studied life coaching for over 2 years now, specialising in health, […]