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Dave Asprey’s Courageous and Controversial Biohacking Conference: Live Beyond 180!

Can we really live to 180? It’s a bold and brave statement—do we even want to? Dave framed the conference with this quote: It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela It’s become a full-time obsession for some people, particularly millionaires and billionaires. I ask the question: Do we lose the art of actually […]

Alcohol – Friend or MoFo

In all honesty, alcohol is not anyone’s friend. But we all have a relationship with it in some way. We may have our own personal struggles with alcohol, or live with someone who does, most of us know someone who is addicted to alcohol or has sadly died from an alcohol-related illness. We may use […]

Last Month I Wanted to Give Up. This Month I Never Want to Give Up.

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is running your own business. The best advice I received last month was ‘Hold Your Nerve’ and that I did. I never expected it to be as hard as this, I have had my own business before and it was never this tough. 10 months in and I have put […]

Top 5 Beliefs Women Hold that Prevent them from Taking Care of Themselves

1. “Putting myself first is selfish”: Many women believe that taking care of themselves before taking care of others is selfish. However, self-care is essential for maintaining physical, emotional, and mental health. When women prioritise their own wellbeing, they can better take care of those around them. 2. “I can handle it all”: Women often […]

Navigating Living with a Chronic Illness, Hope and Recovery

I lived with a mysterious illness for many years, every few months l would get sick, then I would recover for a few weeks and the cycle would begin again. I saw multiple doctors, kinesiologists, and naturopaths, none of them could find out what was wrong with me. So you start to think, Is this […]

De-Railing Yourself, It’s So Easy!

I am a creature of habit, love a routine and when I am out of one, I can very easily de-rail myself. How do I do it? Simple, I get on the slippy fun downslide and find it hard to get off. My sense of balance tips the wrong way and my 80/20 rule does […]

A Note To Working Mums: Please Be Kind To Yourself→

I used to feel guilty about putting myself first but not anymore. As a mum and especially as a working mum, we have to balance our own needs with everyone else around us. If we’re not ok, then things around us can quickly fall apart. As working mums we can over commit, over schedule and […]

What I learnt on a hospital bed

I learnt that I didn’t want to end up in one again anytime soon and that life is precious, really precious. I can’t control everything; no matter how hard I try to achieve something or control a situation, I may not get the result I want and that’s ok. Everything really does happen for a […]